Care Guide

Special care instructions will be provided with each item, and we encourage you to follow these to help preserve your beautiful linens and give them a long life. Many items will also have a care label sewn into the seam for reference.

When washing fine linens to avoid shrinkage and excessive wrinkling, in general, it is best to use cold or warm water with only a small amount of mild liquid detergent. Never use fabric softeners, bleach, or bleach alternatives.  Tumble dry using only warm heat, until linens are just barely dry, and then remove them promptly. Overdrying or using a timed drying cycle will lead to wrinkles settling into the fabric and making them difficult to iron.

Other important tips for proper care:

  • Flush a stain with water, making sure you have enough water to thoroughly rinse through the stain. Do not rub the stain without enough water, or you may damage the fabric. When working with a stain, it is best to dab stains with a very wet cloth and then to flush with water.
  • Be aware that certain creams and lotions contain agents that can cause discoloration. If your linens come into contact with one of these products, you may see discoloration immediately or after laundering. Discoloration is permanent, so use caution when selecting products that may come into contact with towels or bedding.
  • We know it’s tempting to use fabric softeners, but remember that our fabrics are naturally soft and will not require them. Particularly with bath towels, fabric softeners will cause our towels to be less absorbent.
  • Do not dry clean our natural cotton or linens products, but, to avoid excessive shrinkage, we do recommend a professional dry cleaner with experience in natural fibers for fibers such as cashmere, merino wool, and alpaca.
  • In some instances, products are sized generously to allow for shrinkage, as all natural fibers do tend to shrink. Remember to never wash or dry your linens using a hot setting, and this will help with shrinkage.
  • Never machine wash anything that suggests hand laundering. Hand wash these items with gentle soap (rinsing thoroughly with clean water), then line dry or lay flat to dry. Please do not wring linens but rather blot excess water with a clean towel and allow them to dry by air.
  • We encourage you to find a reputable professional hand washer for delicate items such as heirloom pieces and those with heavy embellishments or embroideries.